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      I offer structured group classes that teach basic obedience and solutions to common puppy/dog behaviors. Because I will start a class even if only one student is attending, you can start training immediately and not wait for a full class.  

     My training is based on achieving a trusting and consistant partnership between owner and dog using Postitive Reinforcement methods. I teach the  science of learning theories , understanding dog behavior and take into account that every human and dog are not the same. My goal is to make every training session a fun and stress free experience.


For a great explanation read this article fromCompanion Animal Psychology


The primary socialization period of a puppy is birth to 3 months of age.  This means that what the puppy experiences during this time period will have the greatest effect on the puppies future behavior towards the environment around them.  As far as dog training goes, this is the most important time to start exposing your pup to people, places and other animals while keeping the experiences positive and stress free. Waiting till the pup is 6 months and older is no longer socialization but counter conditioning any fear, reactivity or aggression. 


A statement from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior



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