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Puppy Socialization is not just about playing with other puppies or dogs. Please read these statements from the American Veterinary Medical Association.


The American Kennel Club.




I offer FREE puppy social groups . Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Even if there are not other puppies, they will be exposed to different objects, environments (weather permitting) and people. Bring the kids along! They will be taught how to safely interact with puppies, so they and the puppies are safe.  I also offer structured group classes that teach basic obedience and solutions to common puppy behaviors. Because I will start a class even if only one student is attending, you can start training immediately and not wait for a full class. Remember that small “socialization” and learning window. No worries, if you and your puppy/dog are new to training less distractions means effective easy training. When you’re ready for training around distractions, upper classes are small, resulting in more individual attention.


If you wish to attend the FREE puppy socials I advise and request that you sign up either through phone call, email, or RSVP on FB page. If no interest is shown class will be canceled. 



Phone: 908-362-3010



Bring tiny soft treats that your puppy likes and doesn't upset the stomach.




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