Class Descriptions 

Check calendar for dates and times. If filled or cancelled it will be posted.


Although specific behaviors are listed as taught in class descriptions, some less or some more may be added depending on size of class and progress of students

Free-puppy socialization

Emphasis on normal puppy interaction and behavior. This is NOT an obedience class.

Puppies 8-16 weeks old

Proper socialization to puppies (no guarantees other puppies will attend), people and tactile. Questions and Answers. Children welcomed! Age appropriate shots required. RSVP 908-362-3010, email, Facebook messenger or Event link on my facebook page.





Puppy Beginners  6 wks.

This is a structured lesson plan class. 

Puppies 8-16 weeks. Proper socialization to puppies( no guarantees other puppies will attend,) people and tactile. Grooming tips and handling. Explaining the science and techniques of positive reinforcement training. Introduction to foundation behaviors. Name and focus, Sit, down, beginning recall, leash manners. Going over common behavioral issues.




Beginner Household Manners 6wks


Unless notified first class without dog

  Puppies and dogs 5 months and older.  Dogs will be worked on leash.   Explaining the science and techniques of positive reinforcement training. Beginner Foundation behaviors. Name, focus, Sit, down, beginning recall, leash manners, place, leave it.  Going over common behavioral issues. Other behaviors may be taught depending on student progress. This class is NOT for reactive  or aggressive dogs. 







Level 1-6wks

For students who've completed household manners with me  or have started on  basic behaviors  Focus, Sit, down, recall, leave it. 

Dogs will be worked on leash. Refresher on +R training. Increased distraction work (objects and enviroment)  for learned behaviors 

New behaviors taught depending on student progress

 Reactive dogs will need prior evaluation before entering this class.


Level 2A-6 weeks

Must have previous

training in basic skills. 

There is no requirement to take the CGC test.

Expanding on taught behaviors and practice the first 5 behaviors for the CGC test. CGC test may be required for Therapy dogCertification.  Appearance and grooming, Loose leash walking,  Sit and down on command and staying in place, coming when called, reaction to another dog, Reaction to distraction. Introduction to medical equipment (walkers, crutches, canes) Last 4 classes taken outside or off grounds. 

Level 2B-6 week

Must have Level 2A

Refreshing Level 2A behaviors needed for GCG. Learning the remainder of behaviors for 

GCG. Accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting,Walking through a crowd, Supervised separation.  Last 4 classes taken outside or off grounds.







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