Behind the groomers doors

     Over the past 20 years the pet industry has become one of the largest industries in the country. Grooming/styling  is no longer just for the show dogs or "pure breds" . With the increasing number of "designer dogs" it has become a lucrative profession. Unfortunetly with the rise in pet related incomes there are those that are focused on the money and not the welfare of the animal they are in charge of. Grooming related injuries and deaths are increasing and the public is becoming more aware of these incidents through social media. Because of the rise  in grooming related accidents some states are trying to implement licensing and regulations with in  the grooming industry. 

     Most groomers as well as myself believe that with these new laws,  our occupation will receive the professional status that it deserves. 

That being said, pet owners also have a responsiblity to educate themselves about the grooming process and build a working relationship with their pets groomer.

     By training and maintaining your pet for professional grooming, many accidents and injuries can be avoided.

     To help the pet owner understand what goes on behind the groomers doors I will be making videos about finding the right groomer, grooming equipment and how we do what we do. There will be tips and advice for the owner pertaining to training your dog for  grooming and proper coat maintainence.

     Keep in mind, that every business and groomer has their own style and techinques, but safety for the pet and themselves should always be top priority and consistant with in the industry.


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