Why you should use Angel for your grooming needs


This service is wonderful for the senior or stressed dog. Because I limit my grooms to 3 dogs or less a day, your dog will not be exposed to numerous barking dogs in crates or heavy traffic and extreme loud noises. Other dogs including my own are kept separated by rooms, unless you want your dog to socialize.  


A long term fixed schedule can be set up for you. No more worrying if you’ll get an appointment that your schedule will allow. 


Seniors that can't drive won't have to rely on someone else to get their dog to the groomer. 


If your sick or your car breaks down you won’t have to cancel your appointment.  


Arrangements can be made for pick up and drop off even if your not home.


While your dog is waiting to be groomed or to go home he can rest comfortably in a quiet penned area or crate, which ever is the least stressful for your pet.


Besides the pick-up, I will be the only person working on your dog . No crate drying because grooming will be hands on from start to finish

Price includes a full groom, pick up and drop off.

Base price minimum 55.00


A full groom includes Bath (No extra fee for medicated shampoo) Brush out, Styling (hand scissoring included) Ears cleaned, Nails cut .



Blairstown, Hardwick, Hope, Stillwater, Fredon, Frelinghysen


Any price increase may be due to longer driving distance or extra time because of matting or behavior issues. This will be discussed prior to grooming.



 I only use high quality canine grooming products 

While your pet is visiting with me  special care is taken to ensure your pet has all the comforts of home while in their stay.


Napping on furniture is allowed but lifting of legs is not.  So your dog MUST be housebroken to have free reign, other wise an expen/crate will  be used. Which ever is most comfortable for  your pet                                                          



Home visit nail cutting-20.00 first dog. 10.00 additional dog




  • No dogs over 40lbs 
  • No aggressive dogs 
  • All dogs must have proof of recent vaccinations.
  • Dogs with fleas will not be accepted until treated and are using a flea preventative 
  • Although small, some heavy double coated breeds can not be accepted.
  • For the comfort of the dog it will be shaved down if matted. You will be advised at time of pick up.

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Hours are flexible

Please call to set up a grooming or Private Lesson appointment 

908-362- 3010

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