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Jessica Gash

There may be times when Angel is unable to pick-up or drop-off your dog. That is when she relies on her daughter, Jessica to help her out. She has un-offically mentored under Angel since childhood and is very kind and patient with the dogs.
Jessica is mom of two children ages 11 and 17 and has two dogs of her own. The other household pets include  a ferret, two cats, two ball pythons, numerous fish and frogs.

Meet Luna, my smooth coat fox terrier. 

I knew I wanted to get another terrier.  I researched for 6 months and made the decision to get another "smoothie". I found her but she was in Minnasota. I chose not to have her flown here by herself, so I cashed in my change jar (15 yrs of saving) and flew out to get her all in one day.  Total time on a airplane, 8hrs. Number of stop overs, 4. A new best friend, priceless.


Nova,  is a smart and exuberant 4 year old Brittany. A complete opposite from my other Brit as far as energy, she keeps me on my toes, but she has that wonderful "love me" temperment that Brittanys are well known for. "Hopes RU Just A Memory" 08/2012

Phoebe is fostered in my home when her past owner decided that the enviroment she lived in would not help with her fear aggression issues. She worked very hard to help Phoebe overcome her fears and gain confidence.  Since I am her 4th home Phoebe will stay here where she can be safe and understood until the perfect home is found. Phoebe was one of the lucky ones. This is far to common with dogs that are being rescued and adopted out. 2013

Betsy was my "love bug". She welcomed each dog into my home with a wagging tail and calming behaviors. She was a great "teacher" to every puppy. Just the right patients when their young and a small amount of discipline for the adolescent. Betsy passed in 2017 from spleen tumors and heart condition. She was 11 years old. Miss you "Betsy Do"  Hopes On The Rocks With A Twist


Peanut in her younger days was a true example of what Jack Russells where bred to be. She took every opportunity to dig holes in search of prey. Peanut was everything I love about terriers. 


Hopie (the logo for my business) opened the door to my professional training career. She was born deaf. Not knowing how to work with a deaf dog, I attended A-1 dog training and the rest was history. Hopie passed from lung cancer at 16 and was sister to Peanut. 


Elvis was my "handsome old man"  and my first Brittany. He taught me everything there is to love about the breed and I miss him often .Elvis was my champion. Chp. Loke-Hopes Won for the Money


Chase was an incredible Smooth Fox Terrier. He would make me laugh and all to often make me cry. Chase was a challenge and tested my training skills everyday, but I loved him tremendously.  I miss this guy terribly!   2012

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