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Angelika Robinson "Angel"


I have been in the animal care business my entire working career which spans over 35 years.Beginning with The New Jersey Fish and Game, then working at some of the top Standardbred stables in the area.

Grabbing an opportunity to work at "The Seeing Eye" dog guide school for the blind, I had gained much of my knowledge about dog behavior and care. Hoping to fulfill a dream of becoming an instructor, my duties included caring for the dogs, assisting the vet and helping organize the "rejected dog" adoption program. While working and raising my daughter I also attended numerous psychology and sociology courses at the collage of Morris County. "While working at the "Eye", I received the best education from some of most knowledgeable people in dog training and dog health. 

     I left the Seeing Eye and pursued a career as a dog groomer.  I  apprenticed under the owner of  "The Tailwaggin Grooming" business which eventually turned to "Angel's Tailwaggin Grooming".  

     In the beginning of my grooming career, I was led back to my dream of  dog training with my two Jack Russells Hopie and Peanut.  " Hopie was a deaf JR puppy and I called on Tina Bowe owner of A-1 Dog Training in Randolph. Working with Hopie and then my other jack Peanut, Tina offered  an apprentice position at A-1 and thus my training career began" 

     Although in the state of New Jersey, there is no licensing or education requirments for Groomers or Trainers, I continue my education through classes with other trainers seminars, networking, and literature. 

     "The science and methods behind dog training and the pet industry has evolved dramatically over the last 35 years. To become the type of trainer I want to be and to provide my clients with the best education and care, I have to keep educating myself." 

     In 2000 I moved to the Blairstown area, sold my grooming business and worked part time grooming at Hopes Kennel.

     In 2012 I left Hopes Kennel, thus greatly reducing my grooming clientele and focusing on my training career.

     "I don't have any plans of becoming a big business or competitive dog trainer. I just want to help dog owners form the best relationship with their dogs, help keep these dogs out of rescue and enjoy this time of my life."

40 Years Professional Animal Experience

35  Years Private Business Owner

35 Years Professional Groomer

30 Years Professional Trainer

Member of the APDT

Member of American Brittany Rescue

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